Celebrating Pregnancy, Birth and Parenthood

Every woman wants to have the perfect birth, but ask any new mother for their story and you are just as likely to hear something scary as you are something uplifting and beautiful.

A Doula can help you to achieve a birth that you will cherish the memories of, and give you the confidence and support during your transition to parenthood.


My name is Fay Thomson, and I am a Lamaze childbirth Educator and Doula based in Rugby, Warwickshire. I feel passionate about providing support and information to you during your pregnancy, birth and early days of parenting.

"Dear Fay, Thank you so much for your support during pregnancy, birth and beyond! Just knowing you understood what I needed, and that I had someone there who believed I would have a good birth experience, enabled me to relax and 'get on with it'. I still can't quite believe it the birth was like an amazingly good dream!!
Thank you for helping welcome Alfred into the world, Sarah. Xx"

To book an initial meeting with me or find out more about having a doula or Lamaze antenatal classes, please call me on 01788 576147 or email me I will answer all of your questions and you can make up your mind, in your own time.

I look forward to hearing from you!

I am a Nurturing Birth certified Doula with full Public Liability Insurance. I am a member of Doula UK and am pleased to accept the official Doula UK vouchers. I am also a fully certified member of Lamaze International.