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Today more and more women are making the decision to give birth at home with the help of a birthing pool. In addition to pain relief and body mobility, most Mums claim water decreases tearing, increases relaxation and makes the birth a more comfortable yet sensual event.

Sacred Spiral Doula has two options available, pools to buy and pools to hire. I can help you every step of the way and source everything you need for your water birth. I offer a 10% discount on all pools once you have booked me as your Birth Doula too.

Pool Hire Testimonials

angela in her birthing pool

Angela's Water Birth of Baby Raine-Ruby

"Fay you were absolutely amazing and so supportive (AND reasonably priced!). The birth pool was the magic ingredient to her peaceful arrival. The moment I got in I felt a warm, safe, private space surround me and allowed me to give birth to her uninterupted and unaided. The water felt wonderful and being at home was really special.

Thank you again for your flexibility and generous spirit.

Warmest regards Angela x"


Vicki Parker & Baby Eli

James and Vicki Parker hired the pool for planned home waterbirth with 1st baby.

vicki in her birthing poolvicki in her birthing pool

"Fay was great and sorted out the hexaganol birthing pool to suit our timing. It was straight forward to assemble and pack away at the end. The pool was an essential part of the labour and helped manage the pain effectively. We'd recommend Fay and the pool to anyone considering using it."

James, Vicki and Eli. x

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