Birthing Pools to Buy

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To make an enquiry or purchase any of these pools please contact me

Birth Pool In a Box

Eco Regular incl Liner £89.95

The birth pool in a box Eco Regular Personal is a single-use pool that comes with one disposable liner. This pool is made from the new eco-friendly material and features an internal seat and handles on the top. The seat is perfect for sitting on after birth while bonding with your newborn. The top handles are great to hold while lying back face upwards in the pool and for controlling your movement. The disposable liner makes cleanup a snap, rather than a laborious cleaning of every crevice of the pool at a time when you and your partner want to relax and enjoy your new baby.

To see in more detail and see accesories look at the Good Birth Company website

‘La Bassine’

I also offer a ‘La Bassine’ inflatable pool to buy. I am able to acquire these from ‘Made in Water’ and can provide the kit within my local area. Please contact me for more information.

This pool is ideal if you are limited for space. It can be set up and emptied quickly.

Essential Kit for waterbirth £104.95

Our essential kit contains everything you will need to achieve a wonderful waterbirth:

  • La Bassine birthing pool
  • Electric pump to inflate your pool in 5 mins!
  • 15m eco hose: no lead, Cadmium or Phthalates
  • Tap connector to fit your hose to a mixer tap
  • Water pump to empty your pool easily
  • Runa's Birth a childrens book about birth

La Bassine pool specification:

  • Deep blue colour
  • 49" Internal Length
  • 0.42mm thick Eco-Vinyl
  • 65"x53" External size
  • Pair of Internal handles
  • Carbon Neutral & Ethical

To make an enquiry or purchase any of these pools please contact me

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