A Blessingway ceremony is the spiritual equivalent of a baby shower, although the focus is on the Mother herself instead of bringing gifts for baby. The guests gather to form a safe and sacred space for the Mother-to-be to assist her to prepare mentally, physically and emotionally for the birth and her transition to motherhood.

Twin Mama Jade's Blessingway

When organising a Blessingway for a Mother-to-be I design the day to support her belief system, whether spiritual or otherwise. The ceremony is a deeply meaningful experience when her closest woman friends and family come together with love to offer the Mother-to-be strength, confidence and blessing for her safe journey into motherhood.

A Blessingway is a traditional woman’s event to honour and celebrate the process of giving birth and the profound transition to motherhood, it is not only for first time mothers, as each pregnancy journey is unique and sacred, with the Mother-to-be drawing great strength from this circle of women at the time she needs and requires it. I am always honoured to be asked to organise a Blessingway service for a Mother-to-be, and spend time beforehand getting to know her so the day is carefully planned to deepen and enhance her experience.

For more information please get in touch and we can talk about how a Blessingway can be tailored to you or a special friend or relative. There is no fixed price this service as a Blessingway is such a personal event tailored to the one woman and her guests it is difficult to put a price on it without knowing you! Once I have an idea of your requirements I can give a quote, or if you are working with a fixed budget I will try and work within it.