Doula Services

An initial no-obligation interview is free at my home. We can discuss how I can support you during your pregnancy, birth, and/or postnatally. There will be no pressure on you to book my services and I will leave you with some information about myself and the care I offer.

I have Full Public Liability Insurance cover, training records and further references on request.

I truly value the positive benefits of doula care, and believe that every woman should have access to a doula if she wants one. In circumstances of genuine hardship I am willing to negotiate fees and would leave it to the client's discretion to determine what they can afford to pay. Please don't be afraid to ask! I'm also willing to come to an agreement regarding a payment plan if necessary, including monthly instalments.

Please get in touch if you would like to discuss the fees for any of my services.

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Birth Doula Service Includes:

Minimum of two Pre-natal Visits

To establish our relationship, and discuss your concerns and fears, desires and wishes. I will provide 1-1 birth preparation sessions based on my experience of working as a Doula in the local area, and as a Lamaze childbirth educator. These sessions will be in your own home and will focus on birth physiology, and techniques to manage labour in a positive way whatever your birth choices are. I will also give your partner the tools to support you during the birthing process, both physically, and emotionally.

I will provide information and ideas for you to formulate a birth plan or birth 'preferences' and we will discuss different birth scenarios and the options available to you to help you maintain control of your labour and birth of your baby. It will always be my main purpose to support you and aid you to make your own choices and help you to achieve a more relaxed, enjoyable pregnancy and birth.

Continual Distance Support

Will be available to you from the time of booking me through to six weeks after the birth of your baby. This can be either by email, phone, text or post. The choice is yours!

On Call

I shall be available to attend you in labour from your 38th week of pregnancy through to your 42nd. However if you go into labour outside of these dates I shall do my very best to be with you.

For twin births I usually plan for my on-call to begin at 36 weeks, otherwise everything is the same as above.

Attendance at Labour and Birth

I will be available to support you throughout the length of your labour until after your baby is born and you are both settled either on the post natal ward in the case of a hospital delivery or refreshed and resting in bed after a homebirth.

During labour you shall have the full use of my birth support kit which includes homeopathic remedies, aromatherapy oils a TENS machine and birth pool (in the case of a homebirth). I will also be able to offer you massage as a technique to relax and support you to try different methods/positions for comfort, pain relief and/or birth of your baby.

What you would like me to provide at time of birth can be discussed during the pre-natal sessions. I have also attended a hypnobirthing course, and am able to offer support during labour to parents using this method.

Minimum of two Postnatal visits

To review how the birth went and how you feel about it. And see how you and baby are getting on. This can either be while you are still in hospital or once you are home. These visits can be extended on an ad-hoc basis if you feel you need a bit of extra support at this time.

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Post Natal Doula Care

My goal would be to support new mum and baby by helping to make the transition to parenthood a smooth and treasured time for them and the whole family. My aim at all times will be to inform, nurture, and support unconditionally - this is my privilege as your Doula! I would support you until you feel happy, confident and coping well, but of course I will always be available for top-ups as and when you feel it's needed, and will be available by telephone/email for as long as required. I usually only offer postnatal support to birth clients, but would consider local mum & baby support to help you get through a difficult time, please do ask if you feel I can help and if I am unable to then I shall help you find another Doula who can.

I offer an hourly rate with a minimum of three hours a day. Travel expenses and parking fees are invoiced weekly. Please contact me for more information.

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Birth Doula & Postnatal Package

The aim of this package is to provide continuous care from late pregnancy through to early parenthood and includes:

  • A minimum of two antenatal visits (to prepare birth plan, tools for labour management etc...)
  • On call period (two weeks before and two weeks after your due date)
  • Full distance support via phone/email
  • Full access to lending library of books and equipment
  • Constant care during labour and birth (to support both the labouring woman and her birth partner)
  • One postnatal visit (to debrief the birth experience)
  • 20 hours of full postnatal support to be used within 6 weeks after the birth
  • Practical assistance (helping with baths, light meals etc)
  • Breastfeeding support from day one
  • New baby support (extra information on feeding, new parenting skills)

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