Links & Resources

Lamaze Magazine's Pregnancy Newsletter:
Building Confidence Week by Week


Doula Directory:

Doula UK is a network of Doulas, run by Doulas:

Nurturing Birth:

Yoga, Belly Dancing and Physical Health

Kookie Kaftan Belly Dance:

Hatha Yoga Classes in Rugby:

Inner Peace Yoga: www,
Mixed ability yoga classes in Rugby taught by Leigh McLellan, a Hatha yoga teacher trained by the Himalayan institute

Harmonious Form:
At Harmonious Form Pilates we offer classes and private tuition in the Pilates Method.

Natural Holistics:
Johannah Kracht is clinically trained in holistic massage, aromatherapy, pregnancy massage, reflexology and reiki.

Rugby Osteopathic Centre:
Many people have now heard of cranial treatment for babies which can be very effective for colic, glue ear, sleep problems, etc., but please do not forget osteopathy for yourself as well!

A yoga and holistic retreat in Warwickshire run by Julie Chinmayi Dore.

Birth Support

International Caesarean Awareness Network, (ICAN):

National Childbirth Trust:

Association for Improvements in the Maternity Services, (AIMS):

The Association of Radical Midwives:
Set up by midwives to offer support to women experiencing problems getting (or giving) good, personalised midwifery care.

Independent Midwives Association:
Should a woman not want a NHS supported birth, an independent midwife in your area can be found here.

Birth Choice UK:
This website explains your options, and gives information to help you choose where to have your baby, and who will care for you during labour.

Homebirth Reference:
Information and support on all aspects of homebirth.

Caesarean Birth & VBAC Information:
Research based information and support on all aspects of caesareans and vaginal birth following caesareans.


Association of Breastfeeding Mothers, (ABM):

Breastfeeding Network:

LaLeche League:

Rugby breastfeeding cafe:
Meeting weekly to support breastfeeding mums


Made in Water:
Lots on information on birthing in water. I am also a local distributor of their fabulous La Bassine birthing pools!

The Good Birth:
Lots of info again, and suppliers of the birth pool in a box

Parenting Support

Boobie Buddies:
A role play Mum and Baby resource set, for children and adults to promote breastfeeding and cloth nappies in the Educational, Medical, Health and Home sectors! Want more than plastic dolls & plastic bottles? Look no further.

Baby Wearing:

Birth Crisis Network:
This is for women who need support after a traumatic birth.

Birth Trauma Association:
A voluntary organisation providing advice and support to women suffering from post natal, post traumatic stress disorder.

Perinatal Illness UK:
A charity which supports women and their families who have any type of PNI, including any types of post natal depression or birth trauma.

Local Trade and Businesses

Mama Packs are the UKs only ethical trade-marked natal sample packs:

Rugby Based Grocery:

The Cotton Nappy Company:
real nappy advice, shop in Leamington Spa, and local agent Helen Stubbs, contact her on 07970 650643

Friends of the Earth:
Rugby based Friends of the Earth site.